Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 3 Internet Browsers

Well folks here I am again.  I am learning that many if not most people surfing the internet are ignorant to some of the dangers involved with various software and browsers available.  I write this blog to help inform you of what I believe to be the top 3 browsers and my recommendation as to the best to use.

The top 3 browsers on the market in order are (drum roll):
1)  FireFox
2) Google Chrome
3) Internet Explorer - I hate to say that because IE sux...But I have to include IE because that browser has the market share and will continue to for some time!!

I will tell you though why firefox is the best browser on the market.  It is the most functional browser on the market as well as the fastest in most cases.  Chrome is ok, probably not as good as IE.  Now, Firefox is better than IE in most situations, the only reason IE is even in the conversation is because there are still online apps that require Microsoft applications that other online browsers do not support.  Some of the xml (that is a programing language for those of you who do not know) out there that Microsoft has made so propriety that some stuff will now work properly with.  Well when  you are the richest man in the world, what the hell, go with it.  Now, Bill has made sure that people like me who know about the internet and how it works will never say that the only reason that IE (IE is a microsoft product) is still the hands down number 1 browser in the world is because he has the money and makes sure that all the programmers in the world cannot do anything about about it,  is because, he has put IE in every Windows OS, (eg.  IE comes with the most use OS)  in the world.  Yes I repeated myself.  Here is the thing though... Firefox was born out of mozilla's on-line corroboration.  Here is the biggest reason that I recommend that you use FireFox as your internet browser.  This answer will floor  most of you since, if you are reading this you might be expecting something totally technical, but the truth is it is not.  While FireFox is a faster browser it is not the most functional in all cases.  Not because the programmers are not good, but because the larger companies out there want to keep Microsoft as a customer.  The #1 operating system in the world must keep that market share.  That is the rub though...Just about every hacker writing hacks in the computer world write them specifically to affect IE and other security issues in Microsoft Products.  This again is because Microsoft owns the world market and because the hackers want to see the devastation they can cause and/or the new headlines their hack/virus/spyware generates.  Firefox does not have those many of the weaknesses that IE has.  So, download and install Firefox as your main browser, because of it's lower profile it will in turn be a more secure browser.  Only use Internet Explorer in the rare cases where you come across websites that require it and it is something that you need to do.  Now, that you have heard my rant about Microsoft and know that I am a Microsoft engineer, you are welcome to post on my blog.  I actually welcome it.  See if I wanted to hack and come up with viruses etc.  USE IE only when required, for general internet access (eg. reading your facebook page and posting) just use Firefox and you will have a more secure machine.  For those of you out there that visit the PORN sites , same goes for you.  I rate chrome higher than IE for the same reasons, and for all of you out there thinking that I am sitting here typing this as an advertisement for Firefox, well that is not the case Firefox is a FREE browser and I get nothing for blogging this other than the satisfaction of possibly helping someone and/or saving someone from the possibility of a lot of PC issues in the future!!

Oops...I said free...I have realized that most of the people I have on Facebook see the word FREE and immediately run away.  I hope to see more visits to my blog.

My next blog cover the best virus protection/software out there.  Free virus software and I will include some tips leading to another about PC programs out there that are great for optimizing and making your computer run better...Look, read my blog, and comment/ ask questions.  I am here to help out.


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  1. Well I don't have any questions really but I did read all your blog postings. Interesting about firefox. I had never heard of it or used it until a few months ago and until reading your blog thought it was second rate believing Internet Explorer was the most popular out there. Only started using firefox because one of the games I play on facebook wasnt working correctly with IE and they recommended I switch to firefox to fix the problem which did work. Anyway I don't know much about the computer anyway so I did learn something from you. Thanks!